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Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2015

Surprise…the holidays are here! They snuck up on me like they do every year. Somehow every year ends up being a little more stressful than I want or need it to be. I’m pretty sure that puts me in the same boat with just about everyone else. Stress, unfortunately, provides no health benefits. In fact, it stresses our adrenals, weakens our immune systems, causes headaches, disrupts sleep (which further weakens our immune system), raises blood pressure, decreases the body’s ability to digest, increases the likeliness of depression…among many other undesirable outcomes. And what usually accompanies stress? Eating like crap. Here is another surprise…your daily nutritional intake can definitely effect your stress levels. I am by no means perfect with my... Continue Reading →

Blog #3: Thyroid Health

December 04, 2015

So you have cleaned up your diet and are primarily eating properly prepared and nutrient-dense whole foods. You have healed your gut. You have given your adrenals a break and eliminated stress, toxins and sugar. You are completely hydrated. And lastly, you are not deficient in iodine and selenium. So why isn’t your thyroid functioning properly yet?