The Triton Nutrition Philosophy

The Triton Nutrition Philosophy: Diet Alone is No Longer Enough

A healthy diet alone is no longer enough to achieve good nutrition. The effects of stress and environmental toxins have contributed to the development of chronic health problems that plague our bodies. Modern agriculture, while convenient, has depleted our soil and lead to the production of a nutrient-deficient food supply. While the US Department of Agriculture recommends nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day, less than twenty percent of us are getting five servings. Even if our produce intake was plentiful, the nutrient density of food has declined remarkably over the last forty years. To get the nutrients we need, we have to supplement. Our bodies in today’s world require us to take a serious look at the difference high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements can make to our health. With the right nutrients, it’s possible to stay mentally alert, physically strong, and resistant to disease. 

Triton Nutrition: A Three-Pronged Approach to Optimal Health

Dr. Robert Seik and Triton Nutrition have created a thoughtful and comprehensive program addressing three critical elements to sustaining health and a successful program of nutrition: Build, Balance, and Boost.

  • Begin your quest for optimal health with the basic foundational nutrition with Triton’s Build Formulas.
  • Then target and nourish your body systems with Trition’s Balance line of Supplements.
  • Finally, Triton’s Boost Formulas help you achieve a new level of performance.